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Research creates evidence for insight, meaning blurred and hazy understandings of customers, markets and end-users become clear. 

Empowering Entrepreneurs and Founders of Startups and SMEs

Around 80-90% products fail every year, because businesses do not understand their customer’s problem.

Understanding your customer doesn't have to be a complicated and expensive process.

Formalised Curiosity gives startups and SMEs research and customer insight skills through coaching and workshops to help entrepreneurs and founders get a good understanding of what research is, what it can do for your business and how you can do it or outsource a company to do this for you.


About Formalised Curiosity

Established in 2016, Formalised Curiosity is the trade name for Dr Chloe Sharp, a research consultant that offers cradle-to-grave research, evaluation and analytical advice. She provides advice, coaching and workshops to startups to help founders and entrepreneurs learn how to gather evidence through research and insight to help give their businesses clarity when making strategic and marketing decisions.

Dr Chloe Sharp has over a decade of research and evaluation experience, spanning across health and social research, user research and market research in health and social issues, transport, technology and innovation. Chloe loves technology and using digital tools to make research as productive and efficient as possible.

As a Certified Member of the Market Research Society and UK Evaluation Society, you can guarantee that Chloe offers high quality work.


Research Coaching and Consultancy

Chloe can work with you to provide advice on the end-to-end research project.

01. Planning & designing research

Chloe can plan and design a research project for you and provide you with the outline of the perfect team, costs, tools required and timeline.

Chloe is an experienced bid-writer for Innovate UK, H2020, commercial and charities for project funding and can advise on funding streams and review bids.

02. delivering research & evaluation Projects

Chloe advise on the delivery of research projects using a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods, including research and ideation workshops, large datasets, questionnaires and focus groups. Providing assistance with doing research as well as how to scope and manage market research and user research agencies to carry out some of the research.

03. managing research projects

Chloe is very experienced at managing projects - from small, ad hoc projects to large-scale Innovate UK projects.

She has used Prince 2 and agile methodologies to manage projects for product ideation and product development.

04. reporting and dissemination of research

Evidence builds insights for clear business decisions and needs to be easily understood to a range of audiences.

Chloe is experienced at reporting and disseminating research through presentations, conferences, journal articles, White Papers, Position Papers, top-line and detailed reports.


“Research is formalised curiosity. It is poking and prying with purpose.”

ZORA NEale hurston  |  writer and anthropologist


Dr Chloe Sharp

Director of Formalised Curiosity



Dr Chloe Sharp has a PhD in sociology and psychology and is an experienced researcher and analyst in market research as well as health, social and user research. She has worked across a range of industries: academia, third sector, governmental and commercial and a variety of areas: health and social services, digital products, technology, innovation, travel and transport and accessibility.

Chloe understands the pressures on business in today's economic climate and the importance of stakeholder management. She will work closely with you and your team to ensure that the research fits the organisation's strategy and resources.

Past Projects

Market and Competition Analysis

A Deep Dive into UK and International Markets for a Software Solutions Technology Company

For software solutions technology company, a deep dive was carried out into an emerging new market to identify the company's competition and market position. The project explored evolving and future trends that could impact on the product and its development and informed the company's marketing and communication strategy for the product.

A Deep Dive into UK and US Market to Identify Market Trends

For this technology company, a deep dive was conducted, to explore a global market with a focus on the UK and the US. The project identified competition, the company's position in the market and how future trends could impact on the product range. The project was undertaken with two Competition Intelligence experts based in the UK and US.

Market Segmentation of a B2C Emerging Market for a Startup

To understand the market for a new product that uses the latest technology, this project involved using a market segmentation questionnaire to understand what the customers wanted, their lifestyle and behaviour, what value they saw in the product and the price point.


Technology Research

User Research and Co-Creation for Digital Product Development with a Startup

This project utilised the double diamond approach with user research being at the forefront of customer discovery. A number of interviews were undertaken with users with data being synthesised and insights made actionable for product development, tested with users through prototypes.

Legal and Regulatory Framework Market Research for Mobility as a Service

An emerging market for Mobility as a Service can create new challenges for regulation and policy. In this project, EU Mobility as a Service providers and EU governmental organisations took part in a survey to examine attitudes towards current law and the changes that may need to occur in the future.


Transport and Travel Research

Innovation in Rail Research Workshop

For this workshop, a range of attendees across the rail industry took part as well as representatives from charities. The workshop explored rail station design and considerations that need to be made for people across different segments of society.

Older People and Transport Services Design

In this workshop, older people from the local area were involved to share their stories of using transport services and ways that the services could be improved and positive aspects that could be built upon.

Deep Dive into Inclusive Transport and Technology for Disabled and Older People

For this project, a deep dive into existing literature was undertaken to understand the challenges disabled and older people face when travelling and also accessing technology for travel.


Health and Social Research

A Service Evaluation on a Local Authority Programme for Older People

This service evaluation explore the provision of a service that provided assistance and advice for older people in a London borough. The evaluation entailed interviewing service users to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the service alongside recommendations for improvements.

Attitudes toward Contraception and Sexual Health Services Access for Young People from Multi-Ethnic Backgrounds

Accessing contraception and attitudes toward contraception and sexual health services in Luton was the focus for this project. A qualitative approach was taken to explore facilitators and barriers to service use to consider ways to improve access to the services.

Telehealth and Telecare Service Evaluation and User Research

This service evaluation with users explored how telehealth and telecare services were being accessed. Users were interviewed to gain an understanding the service end-to-end, from referral through to product use to aftercare. Non-users of the service were interviewed to explore how access to the service could be improved. Chloe has published in the area in peer-reviewed journals.

A Service Evaluation of NHS Health Checks

NHS Health Checks are provided across the UK. This project explored how ethnicity could impact on uptake. The project took a quantitative approach and an analysis of the current database of GPs in a localised geographical area was undertaken to identify barriers and facilitators. Chloe has published in this area in peer-reviewed journals.

Clinician's Attitudes toward Deceased Organ Donation

For this project, Chloe analysed over 100 interview transcripts to grasp clinicians' attitudes toward organ donation and transplantation from a variety of aspects including surgeons and coordinators. Chloe has presented the findings of the project at prestigious conferences.

Polish Attitudes toward Deceased Organ Donation

Through accessing a hard-to-reach group in Luton and Dunstable, Chloe was able to interview the Polish community to understand attitudes toward organ donation. Social capital was identified as an emerging theme, which Chloe has published papers on in journals and in edited books.


Organisations I have previously worked with

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"We deployed Formalised Curiosity to undertake two major research projects. The team managed to glean insights that have been instrumental in steering our direction on a path that is wholly differentiated and giving us the edge on our competition, hands down. The complexity of our industry was captured and crystallised into bite-sized chunks that were easy to digest across a number of key functions, meaning that we were able to proactively take the critical recommendations and integrate them into our business model seamlessly.  If you are looking for a fresh approach to market research that delivers real value, then I would thoroughly recommend choosing Formalised Curiosity."  - Head of Marketing and Communciations, RedstoneConnect Plc

"Formalised Curiosity is a friendly, professional and punctual service. The standard of work is high, has a respectful stance and a good knowledge base." - Mental Health Book Editor and Therapist

"Chloe delivered well ahead of the agreed deadline, she did a great job to specification. A relieved, grateful and well satisfied customer. I would not hesitate to recommend Chloe and am pleased to have found someone I can go back to in future." - Senior Research Associate, University of Bristol

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